Polesine: a unique and special land | a land to visit and invest in!

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Polesine is nearby. This area connects Triveneto to Emilia Romagna and Lombardia and is provided with a complete infrastructure network allowing you to reach quickly many important cultural and economic attractions as well as tourist resorts.

This is the reason why, today, more and more people believe in Polesine and consider it as an extraordinary opportunity also for the establishment of new companies.

And for many good reasons, as Polesine distinguishes for its unique natural beauties, history, tourist supply, typical products and for not having been very much exploited up to now, and therefore being fascinating, mysterious, amazing..

Polesine’s competitive system has now become a consolidated reality, an opportunity not to be wasted!

Polesine is here and shows all its strength: a place to live in, to choose, to believe and invest in.  
Area including the Italian regions of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige.

Polesine...much more than you can imagine!

Out of the usual schemes, out of what is known, banal and trite. Here, preconceived ideas cannot be a start point. On the contrary what you have to do is starting afresh with surprise and wonder. Then you will be able to discover and feel simple yet unique experiences. This is Polesine: an adventure worth discovering!

Water blends in well with the natural environment...

...to create breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy the simple yet charming natural scenery of poplar plantations along the river Po, of long bike excursions among fields and lagoons, of pinewood walks up to the wildest and most desolate seaside.
Or to the equipped and high-quality serviced beaches for those who are ready to enjoy a mix of fun and relax.

And also the Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po, one of the most important wet areas in Europe, so difficult to describe in a few words as an ecosystem so rich in different forms of life having a unique wildlife to be discovered, singled out, and finally admired.

Few places offer such a wide variety of activities:
several suggested excursions are available by bike, boat, on foot or horseback, but why not following the intuition of the moment, your own wishes and inclinations to create your own special tours?

Then, a resting time is always at hand because you cannot but stop and look at an enchanting landscape, an elegant bird, a fisherman bustling about with his fishing nets at sunset, a traditional dish skilfully and passionately cooked.

Something to eat? Polesine taste between tradition and quality

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To have a rest... to sample, to taste, to get a chance to try traditions out for yourself.

Polesine typical products are top quality and to be tried in many recipes handed down from generation to generation.

IGP Lusia salad, IGP rice of the delta of the river Po, IGP Chioggia radicchio,  PDO Polesine white garlic, and, as for the fish in the delta of the river Po, Scardovari Mussels, Eels of the delta of the river Po, Polesine clams and many other products on which delicious traditional dishes are based. Tasteful, fragrant and colourful recipes good for health and well-being.

To the table in Polesine: a real pleasure!

* Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Italy: guarantee of origin for foods produced in specific areas)
* PDO = Product of Designated Origin

Polesine means...history, art and culture

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The most ancient human settlements found in the province of Rovigo date back to the Bronze Era, i.e. to a period approximately between XVIII and X century BC. A long history witnessed by small and big museums scattered on the territory as well as by the beautiful palaces and villas typical of Polesine.

Villa Badoer is the most beautiful one. An impressive architectural complex tastefully restored. Designed and built by Andrea Palladio, this UNESCO Heritage Site fascinates and charms those who arrive at Fratta Polesine – small village rich in history and important architectural buildings.

But “Badoera” is not to dim the rich artistic and historical heritage spread in Polesine, an open air museum with its historical buildings, works of art treasured in churches and picture galleries, theatres, towers and walls.

History, culture and art are scattered in some hidden corners or in the least crowded places.
Is there a greater emotion than discovery?

How to get there

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